GroupAlarm! One Group of friends, One Alarm

 Having Depended on our friend to drive us and himself to the bus station, we came prepared and ready at 5:30 AM only to be greeted by a dark house and no answer. Excited about attending our first Mhacks we all agreed on a time to be awake and ready. What actually ended up playing out was us waiting at his front door at the time of our intended departure. We knew that if we all wanted to be up at the same time we would need to change something or make something. GroupAlarm, an alarm that you can enter in with a group of friends and decide upon a time to wake up. When that time comes the only way to shut off the alarm is if all group members check in on time. No more waiting on someone, no more rushing last minute to catch the bus, train, or plane, and most importantly no more missing these awesome hackathons!
 Our intended user audience is everyone that has an iPhone or iPad at their disposal. Our sleek, friendly user interface will allow you to navigate easily and create an alarm for you and your friends. The nice design was worked on for hours on end and we are really proud of the way it turned out. Also, our log in/sign-up give you a quick and hassle-free experience that will deliver you into the app within seconds. Many will go through a situation similar to ours if they have not already, but with GroupAlarm you can make sure that never happens!
 GroupAlarm. One Group. One Alarm.

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